Reset with a Kitchari Cleanse

Reset with a Kitchari Cleanse
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With so many cleanses out there, it can get really confusing and overwhelming to decide which one is going to work best for you. The beginning of fall, especially, is a time of action. Back to school or back to work, meal-prepping, hectic schedules, etc. don't really leave much room for anything too intensive. A 3-day kitchari cleanse is perfect if you're looking for something nourishing, cleansing, and EASY! This cleanse will help you reset and kickstart your system without feeling like you're trying to punch yourself in the gut. It is soothing and outright delicious (albeit, a little boring sometimes, but you can always mix up your veggies or even your grains). 

First, let's talk about why this rice and lentil porridge works so well when it comes to cleansing your body of any gunk. 

 It is super easy to digest

Split mung beans are known to be the least gassy and simplest bean/lentil to digest. Pairing mung with white rice (literally baby food in many cultures) and soaking the two in water before cooking gets rid of any proteins that are hard to digest.

Spices improve digestion

The spices used in making a traditional kitchari (turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, and even cilantro) have crazy digestive properties. And they make this simple dish extremely delicious! Contrary to popular belief, it is very important that you eat foods that are tasty and not just "healthy", especially when doing a cleanse, because this helps to activate the salivary glands which then helps break down foods even more.

Naturally removes toxins from the body

Split mung beans provide about 15g of fiber per cup. This rich in fiber lentil will make sure to get things moving in your gut and scrape out toxins from your intestines. 

Now that we're done with that, let's get into the actual cleanse. 

It's actually one of the easiest and most straightforward cleanses to do.

What you do, is make yourself a fresh batch of Ayurvedic Style kitchari every morning (or at a time that works for you every day); enough to last 3 meals per day. I like to make mine in the morning before my morning yoga and shower. It's one of those dishes that you can just put together and leave in the pot to cook for 30 - 40 mins. For the recipe video check out: 

It's best to start the cleanse on a weekend so you can be home for the first 2 days of the cleanse. And if you have a 3-day long weekend, that's perfect!

The core aspect of this cleanse is to eat a bowl of kitchari for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I like to add 2 -3 vegetables in my kitchari and change it up every day. Some of the common kitchari veggies include carrots, cauliflower, spinach, pumpkin, and cabbage. I usually avoid adding potatoes when doing this cleanse because it can get a little heavy. 

It's important to eat slowly till full but not overeat. If and when hungry between meals, I like to make myself a masala ginger chai (without the non-dairy milk). And if that doesn't help you can always eat some fresh fruit. 

I also like to have some Triphala before going to bed to help with the digestion process. Also because I'm not a fan of enemas (once a day is what is recommended when doing this cleanse). 

As with any cleanse, it's important to do gentle exercises, avoid strenuous work of any kind, and just find time to relax. Since it is a cleanse, it is normal to feel a little more tired than usual. It is very important to get to bed by 10 pm latest and get at least 8 - 9 hours of sleep. Including a mindfulness routine during the cleanse also helps!

After the cleanse, make sure to stick with a natural whole foods plant-based diet to avoid any issues as the body will continue to release toxins for a few days after.

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